The MK Retractive Switch comes in single and double pole versions and is available in 17 different finishes. The 10A Single Pole Two Way Retractive Switch Module is a popular choice and complements the MK grid plates perfectly. They are easy to move and replace, and their 'press' symbol is clearly marked in the appropriate spot. The MK K4878P is a 20amp SP version, and it clicks into the Grid Plus range without any tools.

The retractive switch sends a momentary signal, and can be programmed to control a range of functions. This makes them ideal for controlling lighting, entertainment systems, and thermostats, among other things. Some models come with a dimming pack so that you can change the light levels as well as the temperature. This means that you can dim the lights when you're not at home, and leave them on all the time.

MK Retractive Switch Positions

A one-way retractive switch has the same up and down ON/OFF positions. On the other hand, a two-way retractive switch is a two-way switch that has a centre OFF position. Both switches can be configured for one-way or two-way operations. Each option has the same number of positions, and both have the same internal spring. Both styles have different wiring configurations and require a different kind of installation.

The MK Retractive Switch comes with a detection diameter of 6m. In the smart home, they can also be used as push to break switches. If you want to operate a refrigerator or a door release, a retractive switch can control both of these functions. The reversible nature of these devices makes them ideal for smart homes. Aside from being convenient, they are more expensive than common 1-way switches.

MK Retractive Switch Location

Retractive switches have multiple locations for adjusting the light level. In contrast, basic rotary dimmers have only one location for adjusting the light level. You can install these switches in different rooms in the house for a variety of purposes, including bedrooms and hallways. The MK Retractive Switch is a multi-location switch and comes with two separate locations for light adjustment. It can be installed in any room of the house.

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